The maximum number of whitelist participants is 666 people. People who get in the whitelist will participate in the mint with 0.5 SOL price, will also get the opportunity to participate in the NFT giveaway and get a percentage of the first month's royalty.

To apply to the whitelist you need to fill up the form and also fulfill one of three conditions:
1) invite 5 people to our discord server;
2) Be active on Twitter (make 10 actions of activity);
3) Get 3 level for communicating on our discord server.

For more information about rules and the benefits of participating in our Whitelist, join our Discord

Confirmed members of the whitelist get the role "Fellas" on Discord.

You have successfully completed the form, but to get on the whitelist, you need to meet one of the three conditions for joining. Please go to our discord server for more information.
Error. You can sign up for a whitelist only once.
1. Twitter account must have at least 5 followers. Follow and Retweet:

Follow Retweet
2. Join our Discord:

Join the Discord channel
3. Subscribe to YouTube channel, watch our video in full and like it:


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4. Enter your Solana wallet for possible transfer coins and NFTs to the most active paricipants:

5. Like our project on